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Tax Assessment Appeals

Tax Assessment Appeals

Property owners seem to be a favorite target of taxing entities who are constantly looking for revenues to fund the politicians’ latest promises. Thus, it falls on owners to diligently monitor property taxes in relation to surrounding similar properties.  Depending on the taxing authority, property tax assessments might not be updated but every couple of years, and often times when the properties are reassessed they are valued much higher than their true market value. As a result, property owners might be paying more than their fair share of property taxes! 

Sometimes, matters like this can be resolved with a phone call. However, if after discussing your assessment with your local taxing authority you still feel as though your property has been overvalued, a professional, independent, third-party appraiser is often your best bet in proving your case.

There are a wide variety of different procedures for appealing tax assessments so it is highly important to enlist the help of a professional appraisal company that’s both experienced and trained in the ins and outs of the appeal process. Our well-informed staff pay attention to detail and value each client’s personal needs.

Prior to hiring an appraiser it often makes sense to do your own research before determining whether to move forward with a property assessment tax appeal, paying special attention to the taxes of other similar properties.  If an appeal appears to be in order, give us a call today and one of our staff members will be happy to assist you with any questions you might have. An independent report like ours will be more persuasive than any other evidence you can provide on your own.